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Doefoster el fom Wenga pajhita! Welcome to the Wenga page! If you do not already know, Wenga is the language of the Wenganator! He can speak fluently in it, and many people know parts and bits of the language, and some even know some basic speaking, like Baron and Ynis. Anyways->->moving on->->

Lesson 2

Okay, so this lesson is going to be kind of long. While most of this lesson is mainly on Wenga numbers (Part I) and colors, I will start off by giving you some more basic words you should learn. (And yes, Shimmerlily is mahi and pahhat xD)

gumbo - no

ranzan - yes

mahi - weird

pahhat - fat [some people like to refer to it as 'chubby'....whatever]

Nebanezer - Attack [*Note: Nebanezer is always spelled with a capital]

rigelbar - burger

woombot - hair

cornya - eye

Zeyire! - Godspeed! [*if you don't know what Godspeed is, it's basically saying 'Good Luck' and 'May your mission go well'; that type of thing...yes, it is a good thing to be told Godspeed]



Okay, so here are the main colors (if you want to know some other colors like indigo or scarlet, etc, I'll probably do another lesson on it some other time):

blue - saphgra

red - mabloed

green - latyne

yellow - ganna

black - mesmerize [*yes, this is a word in English, but it has a COMPLETELY different meaning in Wenga]

white - mesmer [see * above]

orange - coldorn

purple - manitee

brown - poptoppe

***These are 'dark' and 'light', as in 'dark' blue, or 'light' red***

dark - eclip [*like the word 'eclipse' in English]

light - shinlijt


*Whew*That was a mouthfull...anyways, onto the MAIN part of the lesson:





First of all, we'll start with the 'Traditional Set of Wenga Numbers'. Most people in the land of Wenganator use this system of numbers, I know I'd rather use this set.


There are some small patterns, but just to make it fun, I won't tell you the patterns! Figure them out! [Edit: See Blog 18]


1 - za

2 - ee

3 - fom

4 - carto

5 - dopla

6 - sevdom

7 - el

8 - toomme

9 - wa

10 - ka

11 - zaeese

12 - eese

13 - fomeese

14 - carteese

15 - doplat

16 - sevdomese

17 - elese

18 - tomneese

19 - waeese

20 - karghat

21 - zamp

22 - eep

23 - fomzeese

24 - cartope

25 - doplaganga

26 - sevdomgange

27 - elang

28 - tomganga

29 - wagang

30 - kuni


This is only the first 30 numbers; there are many more to the Traditional Set! But we will not touch onto that until a very later lesson. For now, try to *memorize* (really, just get familiar with them, and try to find the pattern!) these 30, and next time on Part II of this lesson, we will  learn the 'Simplified Set of Wenga Numbers' [modernized version]. Until then, Zeyire!







Lesson 1

Let us first start with our 'motto' in the language of Wenga. Awdy-An Garde! This means 'Forward!' So let us move forward with the language with some basic words->->


You already know Welcome, to, the, Wenga, and page! Just as a reminder,

doefoster - welcome

el - to

fom - the

Wenga - Wenga

pajhita - page


Okay. The next words you will learn are reebriko, kaies, and habla. Reebriko means school. You can kind of remember this by 'Red Brick'. Kaies is sky. There really is no trick for that. The next one is habla, which means homework.

Some additional words you may want to know are: methcrhe (means "alien" or basically someone who is a stranger or not know), kanji (fight!), and aieyee (friend).


~I will update as much as possible, ASAP. So come back on later, and learn more WENGA!!!!~