Wenganator's Site

Rules, Consequences, and Conditions of Wenganator's Site

The following are the Rules and Conditions of Wenganator's Site, which will not be broken unless the condition is satisfied. If not, the member or members breaking the rule will suffer consequences, up to losing their account on the site.

Rules and Conditions

1. Do not harass any other member on the site.

2. Do not subject others or yourself to unappropriate images and videos on the site, by posting, bloging, linking, etc. This site is designed for minors. Think wisely when posting content (i.e. videos, pictures, etc.)

3. Do not challenge moderators when you are told to do something; in the same way, do not provoke or taunt other members (and moderators) on this site.

4. Do not gossip about other members/moderators in a way that would be in the least, harmful to the member/moderator subject to conversation. (This is for you to judge and decide, but if a complaint is filed about teasing, then I will consider that it was meant to be provoked, not in the sense of playfulness.)

5. Do not hack or steal accounts; as this is not only a violation of the Webs Terms and Agreements, but could be also be breaking the law.

6. Do not attempt to hack or steal accounts.

7. Do not pretend to be another member or moderator on this site.

8. Do not transmit or sell anything of value such as items, (test) answers, etc. This is not a market, nor a place for cheaters.


(Ordered by number based on the consequence for the rule number above)

1. Temporary, long-term, or permanent ban based on severity.

2. At least an automatic long-term/permanent Limited Member status, though in most cases will be a ban from the site - the member account will be deleted.

3. In most cases, temporary Limited Member status, though can be extended to ban (deleted account).

4. In most cases, a warning from a moderator. If another warning has to be given, the member(s) subject to the (two) warnings will be given temporary Limited Member status. Three warnings: long-term Limited Member status. Four to six (depending on severity) warnings: permanent Limited Member status/account ban.

5. Automatic ban (and probably reported to Webs).

6. Permanent Limited Member status/ban (and report to Webs).

7. First time: Warning. Second time: Limited Member. Third time: Long-term Limited Member. Fourth/Fifth time: Permanent Limited Member/Ban.

8. Most likely automatic ban, although a long-term/permanent Limited Member status may be given.

Additional Rules/Conditions

1. If given a Limited Member status, the following are applied:

Temporary: Will be restored Member status after 2 weeks of good behavior. Long-term: Will be restored Member status after 4-6 weeks of good behavior. Permanent: Limited Member status forever, unless punished member shows exceptional behavior over a long period of time (usually 3-4 months), or a vote from all moderators shows a two-thirds majority for restoring the (limited) member's status.

2. A warn-call may be required sometimes. If a member has done something (severly) bad, or a member has not been on for a while, a warn-call may be sent by a moderator, requiring that person to answer within (usually) 10-20 days (determined by the moderator sending the warn-call), or their account will be moved to Limited Member status, or most likely, deleted.

3. For serious crimes, a sentence may be filed with Webs, and Webs may delete the violator's account from their database.


This body of Rules is renewed about every half-year. This set of rules was last renewed on 2011 Mar. 5.